ProNetUSA Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of Web sites can ProNet USA create?

A.We can design and layout any type of Web site on the Internet today. Some of the types of sites we have developed include: Personal , International , Commercial Web Sites, Secure Product Order Pages, Shopping Cart systems, Virtual Storefronts, Pop Ups, Pop Backs, etc.

Q.Why is ProNet USA the best choice to build your Web site?

A. Our Web Site Speacialist have years of experience in Web site design, layout, and construction. Your ProNet USA Web Site Speacialist will manage all work done on your site from start to finish. At ProNet USA, you won't get "bounced" around, or have to explain what you want, to different department personnel.

Q. How long does it take to design a Web site?

A. The length of time to properly design and construct a Web site is dependent on a few variables: the type of Web site; complexity of design; and the time it takes to receive most of the necessary information. In most cases, you can expect a version almost immediately after we receive all your information. If time is critical, your ProNet USA Web site consultant will work with you to meet your deadline.

Q. What is the difference between a personal and commercial Web site?

A. Generally, a commercial Web site is more complex than a personal site. It conducts commerce on the Internet, and consists of either a virtual storefront, order page, shopping cart system, or interactive information system, etc. A personal site might contain information on a person's hobby, interest, or sport. It can also be used by doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, and usually contains an E-mail connection with the Web site owner.

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